Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Jacket

I've signed up for a tandem paraglide tomorrow.  The dude isn't positive he can do it (he's positive he can take me for a glide; he's positive he can get someone to drop me off at take-off -- he just needs someone to meet us at the bottom and take me home).

The problem -- you're supposed to wear sunglasses.  Mine are at the bottom of the ocean.

The other problem -- you're supposed to wear a jacket (it's cold and windy up there).  My jacket fell in the ocean.  It then spent a couple hours in a plastic bag in the back of the van, and a couple of useless hours on my balcony.

Asked the nice lady at the front desk if they had a clothes dryer I could use.  The laundry here isn't for guest use, and she's not authorized to ok it.  I'd have to ask tomorrow morning.  Desk opens at 7:30; paraglide guy picks me up at 9:20.  Do-able, but tight.  And we're still not sure tomorrow's manager will say yes. 

I asked where a laundromat is.  She showed me on the map.  It was looking good until her arrow went WAY down the road.  I said, "that's far."  She said "It's only a five minute drive."  I pointed out my carlessness.  She agreed the laundromat was out.

OK, where can I buy a cheap jacket?  Negative there, too.  She knows some places, but none will be open after 9 tonight (which this is) or before 9 tomorrow.

I'm screwed.  I go back to my hotel room, and back out on the balcony.  Jacket isn't dry at all.  Looks like no progress.

I think of bringing it inside and attacking it with a hairdryer.  There's a roll of paper towels here, so I try to wipe a bunch of the muddy sand off the jacket -- as I don't want it all over the otherwise pristine hotel room.

I wipe, and I wipe, and I wipe....

... and I come back in for more paper towels, and then it hits me.

My room has a fireplace.  Score.

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hewasolddog299 said...

More details are required, dearie. Just how did you dump your butt in the drink? How DID the blind date go? Whatcha eat that was good? Or, if an unmitigated disaster, it's your blog --- kvetch about it.