Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To sum up

I've only got an hour to get ready for my blind date, so I'll make this quick.

The $5 hat fit, as did the $6 shorts.  The $9 cover up was a waste of money, as was the $3 sports bra (but, really, I didn't have much hope for the latter).

My horse didn't throw me, but my kayak did.  Lost the $5 hat.  And my glasses.  I am only minorly peeved about the latter as I was actually wearing my spare pair at the time.  (It was very close -- I nearly wore my almost brand-new, overpriced, frameless ones, but the guide convinced me that the fog would burn off, so I'd want my sunglasses -- and I haven't yet bought the sunglasses attachment for my new glasses, so was wearing the old ones.)  Am VERY glad about that decision.  Am also glad that I decided to leave my camera -- which is water resistant, but not likely to survive a dumped kayak.

Now, to get ready.  Biggest decision facing me -- Hot shower (where it's easy to wash my hair) or hot bath in jacuzzi tub (and shove head under the tap)?

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