Saturday, November 22, 2008

And this makes sense HOW?

When I left my condo, I had to terminate my cable service. "Had to" might be a bit of a stretch. I used to actually like my cable company, but, of late, the idea of leaving them had been a bit more ... anticipated. (Had something to do with their actual admission that they wouldn't do anything to fix my crappy modem service until four people in my building called -- three apparently being insufficient to warrant repairs.)

In any event, they told me to return my equipment after service stopped. I did this, the next weekend.

(And, let's note, they told me to return it to their location in the next city over, even though subsequent research indicated that they had a place in my city.)

That was about a week ago.

Today I get my final bill. For $633. Apparently, they slam an "unreturned equipment" charge on your bill they day you terminate service, and then send the bill out immediately. Which says "past due" on it, even though, y'know, it isn't.

I called them (from inside the post office, the second I opened the bill) and asked for an explanation of the $633. Five minutes later, the employee admits that, yeah, they have my equipment. And I don't owe $633. In fact, Charter (for that is the cable company in question) actually owes me about $30, as they bill for the full month in advance.

Are you ready for the kicker? She tells me I'll get my $30 in about eight weeks.

And I say "Eight weeks??"

And she says, yes, they have to go through the Payable Department, and that takes some time.

Apparently, they can tell you that you owe them $633 past due within 24 hours of terminating service, but if they owe you a lousy $30, they'll sit on it for eight weeks. Yeah, try sitting on a check you owe them for eight weeks ("I'm sorry; it takes that long for my Payables Department to cut a check") and see how understanding they are.

Yeah, so sad to be leaving my cable company.

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Lori said...

And why do they do it? Because they CAN! lol