Saturday, November 8, 2008

So very much to do ...

.... which is why, of course, I'm blogging, rather than doing it.

Escrow is set to close on my condo on Wednesday. The buyers approved everything on their final walk-through and signed their loan documents. I've given escrow the deed. So, as long as escrow doesn't, y'know, run off the deed and the money, things are looking pretty good.

I hate counting my chickens and all, and I knock wood everytime I say something about escrow closing, but I also have to plan for the, shall we say, expected eventuality that, come Wednesday, this very nice couple will have title to my condo and I'll have a big pile of money.

I'll also have no place to live.

I've spent quite a bit of time trying to find one of those furnished corporate apartments to live in, since I need something on an I-don't-know-how-long-I'll-be-there basis. There are tons of such corporate apartments in Pasadena, and I'd figured that, with the economy the way it is, I could probably get a good rate on one.

Well, turns out that the economy being the way it is means that the corporate apartments are full out here. Apparently, with the collapse of Indymac bank, hordes of consultants descended on Pasadena, and got all the corporate housing. Seriously. Two corporate housing companies could find nothing available; and a third could give me a place starting on the 25th. A fourth had a place available but it was really, really pricey.

It was so pricey, I started looking for other alternatives. The other alternatives turned out to be: (a) a corporate studio apartment a substantial distance away, which would kick my commute time up to at least 45 minutes each way, and put me far away from my friends, grocery store, and life in general; and (b) a local "Extended Stay Hotel," which was not inexpensive by any means, but was right next to the freeway (not in a good way), and if online reviews were any guide, was a disgusting rat trap with mold in the bathrooms and stains on the sheets.

I took a look at my "estimated closing statement" from the condo sale, and decided that maybe I could use a little bit of the aforementioned big pile of money to pay the additional rent expense of living in the Pasadena furnished corporate apartment. Throwing myself on the mercy of their account rep, I actually got a bit of a discount on it -- which is really impressive, given that it's the only available corporate apartment in Pasadena, so someone totally gets a gold star in customer service for that.

I have the apartment starting tomorrow. Movers are coming on Tuesday (conveniently, I get the day off, so I can be here with them) to box up all my stuff and put it in storage.

Two days ago I got a PO Box, so my mail will be accessible wherever I happen to be living.

Yesterday, I called everyone who sends me bills (or money) I gave them my change of addy info. I also turned off my utilities as of Thursday.

Today I start packing; tomorrow I move me and the cat into the corporate apartment. Seemed wise to do that on a weekend so I can spend some time with her while she's getting acclimated to the new digs. (Anticipate never seeing my "pet security deposit" again, but hoping for the best. And putting the cat on a weekly claw-clipping schedule, with daily anti-hairball treats.)

I've far passed the point of hope hope hoping this escrow will close, and am now at the point of having to act on the assumption that it will. Which is pretty cool.

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