Saturday, November 1, 2008

Can we have the election already? Please?

Now that my condo is in escrow (YAY!) I need to find a house to buy. This should be easy, with the economy where it is. It isn't.

And, even more surprising, over the past few weeks, there have been no new listings in my area. Nada.

My real estate agent thinks that things will pick up again after the election, but that, right now, everyone is in waiting mode.

I think she's right. I'm not entirely sure what sort of thought process would lead to the idea of "well, I need to sell my house, but let's not post the listing until after the election," but I just have this gut feeling that she's right. There's this almost national "holding your breath" going on right now. For Obama supporters, I think it's that the election seems to be pretty much in our grasp, and we're just hoping that nothing screws it up between now and Tuesday night. For McCain supporters, it's probably more a matter of hoping that the polls are wrong (a not necessarily unreasonable belief) and that there will be an upset. But either way, I think we all just want to know what's going to happen with this country already. There may be some immediate economic effects after the election -- could be that the stock market will pick up if investors feel as though the electorate made the right decision. But, basically, I think we all just want it to be resolved, so we can move on with our lives.

I'm certainly noticing that I'm getting snippier of late. Indeed, I'm almost like I was when waiting for Bar Exam results. Sure, I was fine shortly after the exam, but as we approached that weekend when I knew the results would arrive in my mailbox, I got a little touchy. The day before, I was nearly ripping heads off (especially when people would innocently ask if I passed yet) -- and, that afternoon, when I knew that the results were in my mailbox at home but I couldn't get to it, I was pretty much a basket case. I'm feeling that same ramping out right now -- I just can't bring myself to focus on anything except wanting to know the election results.

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