Sunday, November 9, 2008

They have no desk

The furnished corporate apartment into which I am moving has no desk.

How can it have no desk?

Hotel rooms have desks. Corporate travellers need desks.

And yet, this morning, when I came by to check out my new home and start unloading: deskless.

They even have a cable modem. It's wedged in the entertainment center next to the TV. It reaches as far as the coffee table (although if you do that, you have a tripping hazard). No desk. I check the unit a second time just be sure it isn't hiding someplace. It isn't. The place is desk-free.

This is a bit of a problem as I'd planned on bringing by desktop computer. They tend to require desks.

I first considered rearranging the furniture and repurposing the dining room table into a desk. (I can't just leave it where it is, the ethernet cable won't reach.) So I dragged the dining room table within range of the modem, but that's no good. Can't sit on the sofa and comfortably reach the dining room table. And if I move a dining room chair in there, it renders the sofa completely useless. (Can't move the sofa where the dining room table used to be. Well, I could, but it won't face anything but the wall. The entertainment center is too heavy to even turn, much less move.)

Considered bringing the laptop instead. Rejected this for a number of reasons. (Need printer. Need to do substantial writing. Want the dvd player in my desktop.) Next considered bringing the desktop and a wireless router, and just setting up camp on the dining room table. Rejected that too. My wireless router slows down my signal something wicked. AND I'm planning on using my internet connection for my phone (via magicjack) and I don't need my phone depending on a dodgy signal.

Wondered if I could cram my desk in the back of my S.U.V. ...

Resolved: bring the desktop anyway. Set it on the coffee table, and type with the keyboard in my lap. Not ideal, but the goal here is workable, not ideal.


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