Friday, November 28, 2008

On Black Friday

I'm happy I sold my condo. I think I've mentioned that before. :)

And I'm OK with cooling my heels in this apartment while I'm waiting to find the right to house.

And I'm totally OK with taking advantage of Black Friday sales in order to buy gifts for my friends and family.

What annoys me is that I can't take advantage of any of the sales to buy stuff for me. All sorts of deals on home electronics and home improvement stuff -- some of which I'm sure I'm going to want -- but no idea of which stuff I'll want, because I don't know what home it will go into. And I really can't get much other random stuff for myself, because I've got no real place to put more stuff. Basically, I need to postpone Black Friday until I have a new place. (Anyone think the retailers will go for this?)

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