Monday, November 17, 2008

Litter Hog!

My cat uses a relatively hard to find kitty litter.

This wasn't exactly intentional. When I adopted her from a box outside the grocery store, I went in the grocery store and bought a litter box and a bag of Cedar Fresh Scoop -- a flushable clumping litter. Since that time, that store has stopped carrying Cedar Fresh Scoop, but I found it at a different market. Since there's no point changing a litter my cat actually uses, I make it a point to get my litter at this other market.

And, also, because I am a nice human being, who realizes that this litter is fairly hard to find, I make it a point not to buy them out. I'll only buy one bag at a time -- I'll buy a second bag only if there's at least two left on the shelf. Because, y'know, I know what a litter emergency looks like, and I don't want to be responsible for leaving someone else in that situation if I can help it.

So, we're running a little low on litter this week (largely because the bag burst a hole in it when I was moving it from the condo to the apartment), so I stopped off at the store to buy a new bag.

They were out!

Sometimes they have some hidden in back, so I asked the nearby employee stacking product if they happened to have any Cedar Fresh Scoop in back.

He said they didn't. He said there's this one lady who comes in every month and buys all the bags they have. (And that's all she buys.) Said that when she came in before, she took everything from the shelf and the stockroom in back. Wench walked off with ten bags of litter.

Dude did not seem too open to my suggestion that, in future, they place a "Maximum of Three Bags" limit on litter purchases. He did say that they were going to start ordering more so that they didn't run out -- but I'm sure that she'd buy twenty if that's how many they had. I think it's time to start lying about how much litter they have in the stockroom, so that the rest of us don't end up with our cats standing there sadly with their little paws crossed.

(Well, no, that's not what they'd do. They'd express their displeasure with the lack of litter by urinating elsewhere. And you know that isn't gonna be pretty.)

From now on, though, no more Ms. Nice Cat Owner. Next time they have litter in stock (tomorrow, actually) I'm buying two bags, and making sure I always have a spare.

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