Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear Jasmine,

Hey kitty,

Could you do me the honor of urinating in your new box?

I know you're freaked about the move. I realize it's been a number of years since you've even been outside, and here's me springing a whole new location on you. I've got your same food (barely touched) and your same bowls, though. And some really nifty toys to cheer you up.

Perhaps now was not the best time to change cat box styles on you. The litter inside is the same stuff you've happily peed and pooped in for years, though. (And it's a nice new bag of it.) And I even took off the lid in case you're finding that uncomfortable in some way. But the oval-shaped box fits better in here, and the high sides will hopefully reduce the amount of litter tracked all ovet the new place. You know, the new place with the hefty security deposit. And the rule about "no pets who aren't housebroken."

It's not that I think you've peed someplace else. (I likely would have known by now if you did.) But you've been here about 14 hours so it's probably time that you pee someplace, and I'd feel an awful lot better leaving for the office if I had evidence that you're acclimated enough to be left alone.

Thanks, baby. Wuv you.

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Wil said...

Next time (moving to a new room or to that new house you'll be looking for Real Soon Now) scoop up a couple of cups of USED cat litter from the old box and stir it into the new box. Seems that single maiden cats are almost as persnickety about territory as dogs.