Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holy crap! I've got a lot of stuff.


It's actually misleading -- one thinks I have less stuff than the vast quantity of stuff that I do, in fact, have.

I think it's because I've "hidden" all my stuff. I mean, I've got one storage cage full of stuff; and then there's the stuff I brought over to the apartment -- so that stuff isn't even there anymore. But then there's also the fact that, while I had the condo on the market, I hid a lot of my stuff in drawers and closets and such -- so that the place didn't look cluttered.

It took two professional movers -- with me helping -- fourteen hours to box it all up and load it in the truck. That's not even counting taking it to storage tomorrow. (Which will cost me even more money -- over tonight's time-and-a-half -- but it's my own stupid fault, because I couldn't take tomorrow off because I'm really behind at work. Which, by the way, means that I will finish the thing I'm working on in half the time, so I really could have taken tomorrow off. I digress.) FOURTEEN HOURS. The moving guy totally overestimated the amount of boxes we'd need and we used every box. In addition to a bunch of things I was able to put in their original boxes (I saved original boxes for all my electronics, and most of the snowglobes). I haven't seen the total yet, but I think it's close to eighty. Eighty!

This is what happens when you live someplace for 16 years. Stuff just ... accumulates.

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Lori said...

Where have I been? You got a new place? You sold the condo? I'm going to have to catch up!!