Saturday, November 7, 2009

Adventures in Customer Service

A part died in my fridge. It died a few months ago, but I'm still under warranty and it didn't seem all that important. It was the part that controls the digital temperature display/controller. The death of said part started to become problematic recently, as my fridge decided it should be colder. And since I had no way of telling it not to be colder, it was time to call the GE Service Technician.

Actually, it was more a matter of filling out a form on their website. I scheduled the appointment for this morning (Saturday hours! Woot!) and my tech arrived at 8:45 -- not bad for an 8-12 window. GE had been pretty good about confirming the appointment, too. Two phone calls and an email. Each one reminding me to leave my pets behind a locked door.

Really? The tech is afraid of nine pounds of cat? (Well, I suppose if he has an allergy or something.) Still, it's a pain in the butt to lock her up. She doesn't like it and associates it with being punished, so if I put her behind a locked door, she'll claw at it and whine for the duration. Besides, she still has that healthy fear of strangers (and the doorbell), so can usually be counted on to run and hide once the tech rings the bell.

I'd checked the little box on the form saying "Call before coming," figuring I could ask him then if he minds the cat. Tech arrives at 8:45 without calling. First thing he says when he hits the door is "Sorry I didn't call; I forgot my cell phone." Which was terrific because it gave me an excuse for, "OK, but I didn't have a chance to lock up the cat." And, of course, he didn't care. Gold star!

He replaced the main circuit board in my fridge, which somehow did not solve the problem. Apparently, I need a new circuit board for the temperature controller. He has to special order this; they'll FedEx it to me and he'll come out next week and install it. On his way out, I pointed out (laughingly) that the little "GE" logo on my fridge is falling off. He promised to order me another one of them, too. Because (as he put it), I should always be telling the world that I buy only the best appliances. :) Nice tech; I hope they send him again.

In the meantime, I may spend part of this afternoon playing a game of, "Who wants my business?" According to Verizon's website, my "New Every Two" contract will give me $50 off a new cell phone on November 12th. And as the website is, y'know, an impersonal thing, it can't be convinced to to just move that up five days in order to make a sale. Let's see if the fine (commission-based?) folks at my local Verizon Wireless store are feeling a bit more flexible.

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Lori said...

VERY nice tech. Hope the part comes soon and he's the one who puts it in for you.