Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome to Blog Share ...

Hi all.

The next post you'll see is not written by me -- it's by a guest anonymous blogger participating in "Blog Share." And, sometime tonight or tomorrow morning, an anonymous post by me will be magically appearing in the blog of someone else. (See how that works?) The list of blog share blogs is at the bottom of this post. Check 'em all out -- just don't try to guess who wrote what.

If you're a regular reader of So, this is a treadmill (which, really, should be called "So, this is an elliptical," but no matter), please (1) make our anonymous guest blogger feel welcome; and (2) feel free to check out all the other blog share posts.

If you're clicking through here because of blog share, welcome. Please feel free to poke around. You'll find the usual mix of travel diaries, rants, attempts to gain (or give) insight, totally random stuff, and stories about my cat.

Here's the blog share list -- and a big thanks to -R- of And You Know What Else for putting this little party together.

Not the Daddy:
O is for Olson:
Red Red Whine:
Rediscovering Me:
Reflections in the Snow-covered Hills:
The Reluctant Grownup:
Sauntering Soul:
Serendipity Now:
So, This Is a Treadmill:
Thinking Some More:
Time for Change:
Together They Come:
Wondering and Pondering:
And You Know What Else:
Andrea Unplugged:
Bright Yellow World:
Did I Say That Outloud?:
Dispatches from the Failed Mommy Club:
Full of Snark:
Hot Chicks Dig Smart Men:
Just Below 63:
The Little Goat:

1 comment:

Lori said...

Cool!! I've never heard of Blog Share, but it may be something I'd like to participate in. (Not this month though. I'm already doing NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo.

Ha Ha!! The word today is "morkm". How do you get such good ones??