Monday, November 2, 2009

Fitness Update

Yes! I've done it!

I've finally mastered using the elliptical machine for 40 minutes -- the entire length of a one-hour TV drama!

Well ... more or less. The "weight loss" program on that thing is pre-set for 28 minutes (Lord knows why -- all the other programs have variable times), and it has a five minute "cool down" thereafter. Once I've finished that, the pedals keep ellipticalling (can't say "circling," now, can I?) with no resistance until the show ends. So I s'pose I'm really only "working out" for 33 minutes. (The thing of it is, in order to actually lose weight on this thing, I have to keep upping the time or the resistance, so the ne
xt step is to clearly increase resistance on those last seven minutes.)

Still ... being able to use this thing for the duration of a TV show saves me from looking at the "time lapsed" all the time. I'm done when the show is done.

(Of course, compared to my initial "12 minutes per day," this is also making me late for work. But at least I'll be fit when I get there.)


Janiece said...

Good for you! Around here we call our elliptical the "Evil Machine of Torture." I'm been doing 45 minutes a day on that thing for feels like forever.

Exercise is like laundry - it never, ever ends.

Lori said...

Better you than I! lol
So, what one-hour show is the preferred one?

P.S. You have the best verification words ever! This time it's "notmant".

nzforme said...

You're cracking me up with these verification words!

I'm currently running through the first season of "The Mentalist." And at one episode a day, I'm going to have to find another show fairly soon. If this keeps up, I may have to re-up to NetFlix.