Friday, November 20, 2009

I want "PC" points for not laughing.

(Back this story up to when I flew out here....)

Flying out of Burbank, the airport is only one-story high, so you pretty much walk on the tarmac to your plane, and up the stairs.

We're sitting in the terminal, while they're "pre-boarding," waiting for them to call our rows.

The JetBlue rep says, "If you're sitting in row 15 or above, you can use the other gate and enter the stairs at the back of the plane."  I like this plan.  I jump up and join the line at the other gate.  I'm about third in line.  Two guys -- probably a gay couple -- ask if they can cut in line in front of me.  "Sure, go ahead," I say.  The JetBlue rep takes our tickets and sends us to the stairs at the back of the plane.  This is WAY easier than boarding from the front of the plane, where they've actually set up a ramp (with many switchbacks) going all the way to the door.

So, I'm behind the gay guys and one of them says, "This is great!  I love entering from the rear!"

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Peg said...

I want to know if the other guy laughed, too, because he should.