Friday, November 6, 2009


Well, that was a fun blog share! Although I confess to spending way too much time yesterday lurking around the page where my anonymous post was posted to see what people had to say about it. :)

OK. Now, since the following conversation took place between two theatre geeks, it totally worked. But since I am, personally, one of those theatre geeks, I'm not entirely sure if the subject matter here has made its way into general non-theatre-geeky-consciousness. I'll give it a try anyway...

At lunch, a co-worker says we'll have to talk about what's in New York in the spring, as she's planning a trip. I said I'm planning to go in a couple weeks. She asks, "What are you seeing?" And then she answers her own question with, "Superior Donuts ... and what else?"

She is correct. I am seeing Superior Donuts. However, with that already on the list, I am forced to look down at my shoes, shyly, and say, "I'm so shallow -- Hamlet and A Steady Rain."

It took her all of a second to process this and burst out laughing.


Lori said...

I guess I'm not a theater geek. Whoosh!! Right over my head!

Anonymous said...

Damn! I'm old, and just as shallow, though Jackman more than Law does it for me.