Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow

I just broke a nail.

That is a major understatement.

Before I went to NY, I got a manicure.  One of my nails had a little chip in it, so the manicurist repaired it with all that powdery stuff that ends up making your nail twice as thick as a normal nail.

And just now, I was having a fight with some plastic wrap on a cardboard box, and ended up snapping the nail backward.  And since it had all that heavy stuff where the prior break was, it broke lower.  Nearly halfway below the quick.  And it didn't completely break -- it split about halfway across.  Blood all over.  In fact, one might say that the dried blood is the only thing holding it on.

I think I should probably cut it as low as I can, but I don't even know if my clippers can make it through the extra-tough nail.  (Not to mention it'll probably start bleeding again.)  And, um, that is so going to hurt.

Shoulda just cut it off when it first started splitting and saved myself all this hassle. 

Edited to add:  Oh, that didn't go well at all.  My clippers couldn't quite cut it.  I tried some really heavy-duty scissors, gritted my teeth, and applied them.  Result:  more blood and the nail still isn't short.  Instead, I've got two big old gashes taken out of the nail, which will now get caught on everything.  And pain shooting down my finger whenever they do.  On the plus side, my neosporin apparently has a topical analgesic in it, so as long as I don't catch the nail on anything else, the throbbing has stopped.


Janiece said...

Reading that made me cut ALL my nails short.


Lori said...

Ooogghhh. I'm shuddering!!