Friday, November 13, 2009

Geek Joy!


I am so in love with my new Droid, I'm probably in violation of several laws.

(It is somewhat ironic that I can't post here from the Droid, despite the fact that the damn thing's operating system is, y'know, owned by google, which also owns blogger, but, hey, someone's probably built an app for it.)

But, seriously, compared to my last phone, this phone changes everything. I honestly don't think I've felt this way about a new piece of tech since I got my first DVR. I mean, I'm going to change the way I deal with some basic tasks (like email and calendaring) because it handles them so much better than my usual methods. It's astonishing.

Not to mention how much it will enable my "web use for incidental personal purposes" at the office to drop way down -- because I won't be checking my personal emails, or even news, on the web anymore. My phone will do it. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! (No more embarassing memos saying, "These are all the websites you've visited this month. Please review the list and make certain you are complying with our web use policy.")

This is one seriously cool piece of tech.

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