Tuesday, May 4, 2004

How Hot Is It?

It was so hot yesterday I couldn't get in my front door.

I'm serious. 

I'm sure this has something to do with things expanding in the heat or some such other thing I should've been paying more attention to in Physics class -- but the bottom line is:  when it gets particularly toasty, the deadbolt freezes (ironic choice of word) in the locked position.

Yesterday, the deadbolt was so enthusiastic about staying in the locked position, I had to set down everything I was carrying so I could use both hands to apply force to the key.  And I was pushing so hard on that thing, I thought it fairly likely that the key would snap in two.

(It works in reverse, too.  Once I got inside, I couldn't then lock the door without throwing the full weight of my body against it.)

This isn't normal, is it?


keynyin said...

At least your door shuts. In the summer, it gets so hot that my doors warp and I cannot get them closed! Good luck!

annalisa135 said...

i can honestly say i haven't had this problem with my home door anyway.  My car door is a completely different story.  for some reason my car locks love to freeze.  i often think i should buy stock in the Deicer companies of the world.  Heat doesnt' affect them though.    Useless comment, i know.  sorry, can't always be brilliant (yeah, right)

quroboros said...

LOL, this is funny!  Sounds familiar to me, too.  I live on North TX black clay soil.  It swells up when it rains and shrinks into huge cracks when it's dry, so houses shift & buckle like an amusement park ride around here.  I had a neighbor who moved in during the spring when everything was wet.  She didn't like the doors fitting tight & hired a guy to come saw all of them down like a 1/2 inch.  Then in the summertime when the ground dried up, not a single door in her house would stay closed!  
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