Tuesday, May 18, 2004

This is Why I Have a Cat

I am SO pissed off.  You know how I've been planning on repainting/recarpeting my bedroom, right? 

I figured out the colors I wanted, and tried to hire a painter.  (This because I am incompetent with a paintbrush.  I know my limits.  In college, my roommate and I repainted our bathroom.  Well, she repainted it.  At first, we were going to share the job.  Shortly thereafter, she decided she'd do all the walls and I could do the detail work -- corners, light switches and so forth.  About a half hour later, she said she'd do all the painting and my job was to go get her a Coke.)

Anyway:  Tried to hire a painter.  Here, in short outline form, is what happened:
- Tried calling the contractor who remodelled my kitchen to see if he could recommend someone.  He has sold the business to someone else.
- Called a painter I had previously used.  His phone just rang and rang.

- Asked friends for recommendations.
- Peggy recommended a guy but he was way far away.
- Gina recommended someone local.  I called Gina's painter.  I left a message.  A week went by and she didn't call me back.
- In the meantime (last Friday), I got a call that the carpet was in and they're ready to install.  They want to wait a week after I finish painting.  I make an appointment for next Wednesday.  I need to get painted by this Wednesday. 
- More friends recommend the Handyman Network.  I call them (last Friday).  I make an appointment.  They don't take appointments less than two business days in advance, so I take the next available appointment -- this Tuesday.
- Monday morning, Gina's painter calls me back.  I tell her thanks, but I've hired someone else.
- Monday morning, Jane comes to work with the recommendation of a great painter.  I say thanks, but I've hired someone else.
- Monday at 6:10 p.m., I call home to check my messages, and find a message from Handyman Network cancelling my painter for Tuesday, and asking me to call back to reschedule during business hours (which, of course, ended at 6:00.)

I hit all kinds of ceilings.  Since it's after 6:00, I can't get them on the phone.  (They left the message at ten to six -- and never bothered calling me on my cell.)  I have no idea when I'll be able to reschedule -- and whether I'll have to reschedule the carpet installers (not to mention the people who will install my new window shutter on Saturday).  I'm oozing fury.  Not satisfied with the ticked-off message I left on their answering machine, I followed up with a ticked-off email.

This morning, they called me back, apologized, and then told me the cheerful news that their soonest available appointment is Friday.  Eagle-eyed readers might note that this is ONE WEEK after I had originally called them.  I suggest that Friday is absolutely unacceptable (since the shutter is being installed the next day).  They said they'd try to get someone for Thursday, and would call me back later today.

I was Ms. Grumpypants all morning.  People walked into my office, took one look at me, and backed away slowly.  My boss invited me to lunch on condition I "don't talk about painters."

A friend called me on the phone.  He politely asked how I was doing.  I said, dangerously, "Go ahead.  Ask me about the guy who is supposed to be painting my bedroom right now.  Go on, ask."  He said, instead, "How's Jasmine?  How's her cute little furry paws?"

And I said, "She so cuuuuuuuute," and just melted.

And this is why I have a cat.

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brianswife7378 said...

i know those kinds of days and frustrations!!!!  i manage apartments, and you should have seen the time we had just attempting to get carpeting installed!  but that was a great entry!  all i can say is good luck and that Jasmine is adorable!~liz (mmmm crunchy! now with more nuts!)

andreakingme said...

Yup. I will often grab my Pooky-Boy when I'm upset. He gives me one of those slitty-eyed cat looks that tells me I'm loved, that I'm just a human, and why not feed me? And everything seems a little better.

Too bad you don't live close to Deb, OuttaBodyMommy. She and her friend just started a home painting biz and are looking for clients.

janothy said...

Thank goodness for pets!  -Jan

annalisa135 said...

FINALLY!!!!!  a Jasmine pic!  i've been waiting, hoping, seeking......and i've been rewarded!!!   she is so friggin cute!  god, i want to hug that cute little furry face.  your friend knew just the thing to say!  good friend.

onestrangecat said...

Cute kitty.  

I am so sorry that you are having such a problem with painters.  For future reference I have been told that places like Home Depot and Lowes keep a list of their contractors and you can see that list and call them to do work for you outside of what they do for those stores.  Of course I don't know how much they will charge you.

sunshine38585 said...

What a beautiful Kitty!! Animals are sure good at cheering us up aren't they! I sure hope that things work out for you in the end. Take a deep breath and count to ten.

quroboros said...

Oh jeez,.. the trials & tribulations of dealing with contractors!  Man, can I identify with this.  But I can see why your cuddly little feline is able to diffuse that temper.  How can anyone stay upset looking into a face like that?  ¤Holly