Thursday, May 27, 2004

Tiny Rant at AOL

Is there any way to STOP with the broadband content?  I log on, and I try to open my mail.  Every time I click on the little mailbox, it ignores me.  Why?  Because it is too busy streaming The Day After Tomorrow at me.  It is only after I hit "pause" on the little player that AOL will recognize my request to open my mailbox.

Jeepers, people -- watching that same promo every time I sign on AOL (with each of six different screen names) is worse than pop-ups.  I wish there was a way to tell AOL, "Just because I have broadband doesn't mean I want all that content."


annalisa135 said...

i don't know about all that because unfortunately i have dial up (sticking out lower lip).  But i can tell you this about AOL:  i am not very happy with them sometimes!  for the past three days i have been unable to access my older entries.  it tells me that aol j's are not available.  so i can only see my 10 most recent.  i wonder if its that way for everyone.  any advice?  i wish AOL would get it together.

nzforme said...

No, Anna, you're not the only one it is doing this to.  You can get around it the long way (pull up the last entry on your main screen and then click the link to the previous entry) but that doesn't really help if you have to go FAR back.

janothy said...

I haven't noticed anything like that.  But, I am having problems with journals.  The text looks diferent and it tells me journals aren't available.  After a few minutes, all is well again.