Sunday, May 9, 2004

Hypocrite, Table for One

Yeah, OK, I watch Survivor.

(Insert certain people laughing at the understatement in that sentence.)

I mean, I really watch Survivor.  Talk about it on message boards.  Try to predict who is going to win.  Was fairly disappointed nobody called me on my cell phone at 7:00 Pacific Time to tell me who won.  (My East Coast Survivor Homies apparently let me down.  And yes, that's probably the first and last time I've used the word "homies.")

So, I watched the Great Big Finale with the Great Big Reveal and it turns out America gets to vote for who gets a (second) million bucks.  Nice.  Not exactly the reveal I was hoping for, but mildly entertaining nonetheless.

(In case you're curious, the reveal I was hoping for is that Boston Rob would drop the Robfather accent, start instead talking like Charles Emerson Winchester the Third, and tell us it was all an act.)

So, OK, I'm happy to exercise my right to vote and see in whose favor I'd like to toss a cool mill.  I do, actually, consider all 18 of them, and come up with various reasons to disregard most of them.  (They might not be particularly good reasons, but they're reasons nonetheless.)  And now, let me run through some of them.  Let's see if you can spot the flaw in my reasoning process:

- Amber -- No.  She's already got a million.
- Rob -- No.  He was unnecessarily nasty in confessionals and he'll already have a million (via community property).
- Sue -- No.  Quit.
- Jenna M. -- No.  Quit, and has a million anyhow.
- Jerri -- No.  Quit the reunion show.
- Rupert -- No.  He blew it in the first episode, by aligning with Jenna & Jerri rather than Tina and Ethan
- Shii Ann -- No.  She promised us "She-Devil" behavior but ended up wussing out at Tribal Council.
- Alicia -- No.  She was offered a chance to boot Rob/Amber and refused it.
- Lex -- No.  Still doesn't see what a hypocrite he was.
- Kathy -- No.  After all that anger, she gave in and voted for Rob anyway for "friendship."
- Jenna L. -- No.  She pissed me off when she said at the start she wouldn't vote to give the million to any previous winner, regardless of how they played the ga--





andreakingme said...

Geeze, I see so many people talking about Survivor and I can't relate because I don't watch it. But I like your thought process here. Innerestin'. Couldn't tell you where your flawed reasoning is, though. (Where is it?) I'm just here to run on the treadmill.

Hey. Check out
I think her writing style is awful lot like yours.

annalisa135 said...

sorry, not much of a survivor fan.  i think WAY back when the whole thing started, in the original survivor, i might've watched a handful of episodes in a row, and then that was it.  lost my attention.  

when i think of survivor i can't help but thing of "The Amazing Race".  I was one of the VERY few people who sat there and watched every SINGLE episode during their first run thru.  I was addicted, and enjoyed it tremendously.  The second Race and any subseqent races, lost me.  I guess i'm picky, and i get bored rather quickly.  oh well.

sorry i haven't been here for awhile, you know why.  too much on my mind.  i haven't been to hardly anyone's j's in awhile.  so definitely don't feel like i'm ignoring you.  you're one of my favorite chicks!   "homies", huh?  giggling

mrccgoody said...

I've been a Survivor watcher, too, from the very beginning. (People laughing here, too - I'm one of those that kept the first season on tape and watched it over and over...that new DVD set was made for geeks like me.)
I found the flaw in your reasoning (LOL).  I actually would have voted for Jenna L., based solely on the fact that she's a single mom, except that I LOVE RUPERT and there is no way I could bring myself to vote for anyone else but him.

nzforme said...

(But Jenna just got married!  Not a single mom anymore.  'course we don't know whether her husband's loaded, but still.)

mrccgoody said...

You're right, I forgot! She's automatically disqualified, of course. LOL
Let's see, after previous million dollar winners...Lex, Kathy, Alicia, and Tom were too whiny...Jerri and Sue are too unstable...Colby is too perfect, he doesn't need the money...Shii Ann used the term she-devil a little too much, it got on my nerves...that leaves Rudy, Rob C., and Rob M.  Rudy - I like him too, but I can't see him jumping with delight over winning, he's a little too dour.  Rob M. - possible, but he ruined it by proposing to a winner.  That leaves ROB C., still the best player to never win, I think.

Only true Survivor fanatics sit down and think about stuff like this...what did we ever do before the show came on? LOL

nzforme said...

You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.  Wonder if Rob C. stands a chance at winning the popular vote.