Friday, May 21, 2004

Ten ... and still counting

That's how many of them little toy mice we have found while moving various pieces of furniture in order to paint.  That's 2 under the sofabed, and a whopping 8 (lined up in the cutest little diagonal battern) under the couch in the living room.  And that's not counting the other gushy balls and feather-topped things that were excavated as well.  (One of the mice was missing its eyes, nose, and ears.  I was oddly proud of Jasmine's work.)

You may ask, "Gosh, NZ, why was all this stuff found under the couch?  I thought you were only painting the bedroom."  And you would be correct, as that's what the plan was.  But, y'know, you have a competent-and-reasonably-priced painter in your house with some extra time on his hands, the cat is already hibernating behind a closed door (and seemingly taking to her confinement remarkably well), and you think, "What the heck."  It isn't like it didn't need painting. 

Of course, there have been issues.  I wanted to get one of the living room walls done in dusty rose (which would look quite nice against the burgundy carpet I've been toying with).  I bought two quarts of the stuff, he slathered it on the wall and it looks ... like bubble gum.

I did not buy the wrong color.  I walked into another room and found a piece of dusty rose ribbon.  You'd all look at that ribbon and go, "Yep, that's dusty rose."  I held the ribbon up to the wall and the ribbon was the EXACT SAME COLOR as the paint on the wall.  It's just that it looks like dusty rose on the ribbon and looks like bubble gum on the wall.  Words to live by, kids -- dusty rose goes Bazooka on you in large quantities.

I have two alternatives here -- I can go back and buy a different color paint (ka-ching) or buy some glaze and the painter will do the wall in a rag-finish, which will tone done the overwhelming pinkness of the color (ka-ching, ka-ching).  I think I'll go with the latter, although the idea of me living in a home with an actual faux finish on a wall is too Martha Stewart for words.  I mean, part of me is still amazed I have matching bedroom furniture.  The idea of anything affirmatively decorative on my walls is mind-boggling.




janothy said...

Well, at least now I know not to buy a dusty rose color.  I've never been much for pink anyway.  Hope you get it looking just the way you want.

Good luck

onestrangecat said...

I don't know much about glaze.  I do know that when I painted my bathroom it was brighter than I thought it would be so I bought a complimentary color and sponge painted it on.  Looks better that I had ever hoped.  I didn't need as much paint just to sponge some on and I didn't have to worry about doing a second coat.


lovegroveb said...

I wish I had my own place to paint a dusty rose.  
Great color!

annalisa135 said...

see?  i'm reading these in reverse order.  i shoulda started down here first then worked my way UP, but good ole me, does things backwards.  

you answered a couple of my questions from above right here.  Jazzy is locked up in a room.  you just felt the need to take "advantage" of the painter.  LOL.  Bazooka pink and dusty rose Do NOT mix.  LOL