Tuesday, May 11, 2004

My Favorite Things

Was playing with Jasmine today and realized, with all due respect to Rodgers & Hammerstein, that it is not, in fact, the whiskers on kittens that I find so adorable.  It is, instead, the little pink paws.

And then I realized that the whole song could do with a little ... update.  (I kid.)  So, this is what I sang to Jasmine tonight:

"New breeds of roses
And pink paws on kittens
Calphalon kettles
And thinsulate mittens
Overnight parcels the FedEx guy brings
These are a few of my favorite things"


andreakingme said...


I too, love those widdle pink paw-paws! When I put the pad of one finger into the middle of Pookie's paw, he'll flex it and it's like we're holding hands.

Yeah, I be nuts for my kitty-boy.

janothy said...

Hi!  This is my first time visiting your journal!  I think it's really great!  I will definitely be back to read again!!  
This is a cute little remake of the song.  Calphalon pans are my favorite cooking utensil.  I don't think I could use anything different if a had to!   -Jan

nzforme said...

Hi Jan!  Thanks for dropping by.  (Yeah, I love calphalon.  I don't even cook, but I love their stuff.)

annalisa135 said...

i'm still waiting for my overnight FedEx package full of your famous fruit salad...    hmmmmmm, wonder where it is?