Thursday, May 27, 2004


I am so stressed over this whole home improvement thing...

(How stressed are you?)

I am so stressed over this whole home improvement thing, I got ZITS.

Big ugly zits on my forehead and chin.

I'm thirty-five!  I understand getting zits when you're stressed about the prom, or stressed about taking finals, or stressed about getting into college.  

You would think that, by the time I'm 35, my physical manifestations of stress would take on a more grown-up form, but apparently this is not presently the case.



sunshine38585 said...

Sorry about that! I know how you feel I get them all the time too! ewww. Hope everything works itself out.

janothy said...

Hi!!  Even at 30, i still get them but it's usually a monthly thing.  ha.  I hope the rest of this project goes better for you!


onestrangecat said...

I am 40something and get zits with stress.


annalisa135 said...

not to make you hate me or anything (smiling), BUT i very rarely get zits any longer.  once in a blue moon.  sorry, just wanted to say that.

i do sympathize though.  i hate those suckers.  usually noxema would help me in the past.  never was much of a clearisil kind of girl.  

redheadkob said...

Believe me, I feel your pain.  I'm 27 and I have to wash my face twice a day and put on two different kinds of topical acne medication to deal with the zits I get on a regular basis.  I remember in high school whining to my mom about my acne and her telling me I would outgrow it someday.  Any day now...