Saturday, May 22, 2004

Showing Off

Yeah, ok, bedroom still has a ways to go.  But lookit the pretty artistic wall in the living room.

Obviously, my photography skills leave something to be desired (as does my light source), but still, be impressed by the spongy dusty roseness of it all.

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janothy said...

Wow!!  That looks great!   -Jan

annalisa135 said...

i'm totally bummed.  i was just thinking to myself how i remember the days when i would have to read EVERY NZ entry as soon as possible.  as quick as you clicked the "save" button, i rushed to your j because i just had to have my daily dose.  (LOL, even when you posted that one ridiculous entry about 32 oz of coke being too much.  LOL)

anyway, i've got to get back on track.  i've been too much out of the loop lately.

i knew about the bedroom of course, but i didn't realize you were going to work on the living room as well.  i do like the rose.  did you get the new window treatments for the bedroom yet?  are they installed?  what' the final decision re: the color choice for the bedroom carpet and paint?  i need info.  

what does jasmine think?  i hope you did NOT put her in a kennel while this is going on.  poor baby.  make sure you have the windows open, cause those paint fumes will make her loopy!  lol