Friday, June 4, 2004

Anger/Vacation? Tough choice.

To say the hanging of the crown molding on Thursday night was a fiasco is an understatement of the highest order. 

You'll be spared the details -- at least as long as I still hold out a hope that the people involved will actually resolve the difficulty.  If not, I can always make an entry out of the "letter of complaint" I drafted and emailed them this morning at 4:00

Yeah, call me crazy, but I think that when a guy contracts to hang your crown molding, he probably shouldn't spend the next two hours trying to puzzle out how it's done. 

So, even though I had only gone to sleep at 1:00 a.m. and had to wake up to catch a flight this morning at 5:00, I woke up at 4:00 feeling the overwhelming urge to politely request redress of my grievance.  Well, OK, Jasmine was meowing like crazy -- that probably caused me to get up more than the molding.  But once she woke me up and I had a glance at my wall ... UGH.

But, like I said ... nothing about that since we're still hopeful for a resolution.  Although, seriously, if *I'm* the owner of a business and get that sort of email, I'd probably call (or at least write back) during the next business day.  But what do I know?

So.  5:00.  Out of bed.  In shower.  Hug cat.  Drive to airport.  Check bag.  Clear security.  Get on plane.  Sleep.

This last is amazing.  I do not sleep on planes.  Not me.  I can't sleep unless I'm lying down all flat-like.  And certainly not in a crowded tube full of strangers and crying babies, and helpful flight attendants, and an air conditioner running at full blast aimed (apparently) directly at my seat.  No matter.  I was out like trout.  (I understand I missed Starsky & Hutch.  No great loss there, I expect.)

Got to my destination.  (That would be New York.  Because, y'know, they have plays here.)  Got to my hotel (which, by the way, is way nicer than I can usually afford.  Yay Hotwire.)  Felt all tired and ooky (and still peeved that there was no message of apology re: crown molding on my voice mail).  In fact, my eyelid is twitching.  (Remember the other day when I posted about zits being a physical manifestation of my stress?  When I'm really stressed out, my eyelid twitches.  I imagine this might someday make for amusing wedding photos.)  So I decided to start this weekend off right by treating myself to a massage.

Masseuse was really good.  She gets all touchy-feely about "visualizing the tension melting away" -- which I generally don't believe in.  But, hey, I'm all about playing along, so I gave it a shot.  She gave me an encouraging, "Good," and I spent the next five minutes wondering how she knew I was actually visualizing.

Feel nice and loose now, and surprisingly spiritually aligned.  Have no idea what my "chi" is, but I had the oddest feeling she was doing something nice to it.

Probably a good thing the crown molding guy didn't call me back.  Getting all angry again would have ruined a perfectly good centering.

Ah... look at my eyelid stop twitching as I typed that line.  I think I'm on the right track.





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annalisa135 said...

a good massage does wonders for the soul!  this is so very true!  enjoy, honey!