Monday, June 28, 2004

Crazy Friday

Man, Friday was one of those days you just know you're going to remember

OK... the "amazingly silly" thing I'd been asking you all to think happy thoughts about is ... I'd applied for a reality TV show. 

I know.

And what was even more remarkable is they called me back, and I got as far as the videotaped interview in the casting director's office.  I never really expected I'd get that far, so this was pretty dang cool.  I did, however, blow the interview.  (Ironically, I blew it in a way totally different than I'd expected.  I had been worried that I'd mess up and be all nervous from being on camera or that I'd totally botch certain questions I expected them to ask -- and all of that went well and I ended up botching other questions, the easy questions.  Ugh.)

In any event, although I would be astonishingly surprised if I made it any further in the casting process, I did sign a document promising to keep the whole thing all secret and stuff, so I'm going to be a good little girl and not talk about it any further (at the very least, not until such time as the show airs without me).  But the whole thing was funny and silly and I had a friend there with me for moral support -- which was great because when do something as ridiculous as apply for a reality TV show, you want a friend there who will be able to look back on it and giggle and say, "Dude, remember when you went on that interview....?"

And when I finished the interview, I ran home, threw some clothes into a suitcase (forgetting to bring a razor for the second trip in as many months -- ARGH!) and ran to the airport, where I caught up with my parents in time for our flight to San Francisco for the weekend.  And they said, "You won't believe the morning we had." 

And I got to say, "Oh?  Did yours involve an interview for a reality TV show?"


janothy said...

Oh wow!!  That sounds so exciting!!  I hope you make it farther in the process, it will be really cool if you make it!!!   -Jan

onestrangecat said...

wow.  i have never met anyone that has applied or been on a reality tv show. why did you decide to try for one?


pegluh said...

Dude, remember when you went on that interview....?

andreakingme said...

Dude, I just hate a tease.


pollysci said...

Those darn confidentiality agreements stink--this is so intriguing...especially knowing that they're given an intelligent woman a forum instead of some 18yr old hoochiemama who likes drink 'n stuff. ;D

annalisa135 said...

OMG!  giggling.  totally cool, chick!!!  oh wow!  maybe you didn't blow it, lets wait and see.  i'll keep the positive thoughts flowing.