Friday, June 11, 2004

Jasmine's Entry

That's me.  In all my lazing-in-the-sun glory.  Aren't I a cutie-pie?  That's what NZ says, anyway.  She says I'm the cutiest pie there is.  She also says I'm the bestest kitten witten on earth and she wuvs me very much.

Boy, when I get me a human, I get her good.

Actually, we're in the middle of a Heated Battle right now.  The territory in question is her bedroom.  When NZ first got me and I was going through my Crazy Kitten phase, she decided to keep me out of the bedroom at night when she slept.  (I think she just needed a little alone time, and I respected it.  More or less.)  ANYWAY, now she keeps me out of there at night because she likes keeping a glass of water on the nightstand when she sleeps, and sometimes I'm not always accurate in judging braking distances when I'm jumping on that particular nightstand.  She has a point.

But I don't like it.

She's been away a lot lately, and I miss her.  I'm not particularly big on displays of feline affection (I don't want to sleep in the bed WITH her or anything), but I just want to be in the same room.  Y'know, to assure myself she's there.  (I'm big enough to admit I might still have some abandonment issues.  Like someone tearing you away from your mom and putting you in a box outside the front of the grocery store and making you just sit there while all sorts of people run off with your brothers and sisters wouldn't mess with your head.)

So.  I want her to leave the bedroom door open when she goes to sleep.  I have decided the best way to accomplish this is to be on the inside of the door when she goes to bed.  Ideally under the bed, so I can't be scooped up and put outside the door.

Now, normally I sit under the bed while NZ gets ready for bed, and when NZ goes to the kitchen (to get her water), I scamper on out like a good little girl, and then she shuts the door behind me.  If I don't make with the scampering of my own, she'll take one of my cat toys, waveit around to get my attention, and then throw it out the door.  I give chase, and she shuts the door behind me.

No more of that this week.  She walks out the door -- I stay.  She gets a shiny cat toy -- I stay.  She waves the cat toy in front of me -- I feign disinterest.  She waves it really, really frantically -- I lazily claw at the underside of the box spring.  She calls my name and waggles her fingers in my direction -- I stare at her with my best "not going anywhere" face.

Now, at this point last night, things kinda deteriorated.  It was 2:00 a.m. and she was really tired and frustrated and couldn't decide whether the plead with me or get angry.  I had mercy on her and chased the shiny thing out the door.

But things are gonna be different tonight.  There's no reason to keep me out of the bedroom now.  I saw what she bought today -- water in BOTTLES!  Ha! 

I win!  I win!  I win!



janothy said...


What a great entry!  Your kitty is beautiful, I love how you wrote it like it was from Jasmine, that's cool!


annalisa135 said...

giggling.  oh, NZ, she's so very adorable!  my goodness either she has grown a whole lot, or the past pics you've posted had angles that didn't show her length!  Wow!  i don't know if the word "kitten" applies any longer.  although she will always be your baby.  smiling.  i love how she tucks her paws up under herself.  smiling.  she is so beautiful!!  and smart too!! can't fool her with those toys.  excellent idea about the water bottles, that way she can be close to her mommy at night, and you can both be happy.  

olddog299 said...

Dear Jazmine,

Glad you won this round, but I want you to understand something that my former fire chief human explained to me.  Seems the only safe way to survive an incipient fire elsewhere in the apartment or within the complex while sleeping is to sleep with the bedroom door closed.  Like you, I am nocturnal and have come to hate being closed in to the bedroom all night.  Also like you, I hate dodging pillows, books and shoes when I scratch to get out of the bedroom in the middle of the night.  So I made a deal with the boss.  I stay out of the bedroom at night but he gives me free reign of the house during the day.  After I zigged when I should have zagged the last time a big boot came flying my way, it was the bestest compromise I could come up with at the time.

Here's hoping you find a catnip mouse to bliss out with.


onestrangecat said...


You are beautiful.  So glad to hear that your human finally got bottled water.  My human has to drink out of bottles or cups with tight lids.  All because of that one time she (t'wasn't me) spilt that drink that stained her carpet.  

CatNip dreams, and milk wishes to you......


Oh, my human is Kathy

lovegroveb said...

Very pretty cat!

annalisa135 said...

just took another peak at your picture, and GEEZ!!!  Jasmine is SO BEAUTIFUL, NZ!!!!!    Her fur looks so soft, thick and luxurious.  Some chicks would pay major money for a coat like that!  (shame on them, i know)  And those green eyes of hers!  (at least they look green from where i'm sitting)  So big and pretty.  

listen to me sit here and gush over your "furry little princess"!  giggling

but it is SO easy to see why you do.  I would love to give her a big old hug and kiss!  make sure you give her one tonight from auntie anna.