Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Awww, Anna misses me.

Anna comments:

>>does anyone know where my NZ is?  i miss her much!!!  hope she returns soon!  i need a jasmine fix!  Where, oh where is NZ???<<  

It's a land mass, to the right of Australia.  Ha ha ha.

But seriously, folks, I flew back home from New York last night, and was (shock!) actually too tired to turn on the computer.  I know.  Amazed myself. 

There's much to report.  On Sunday, I actually took the New York subway all by myself -- a feat that is, as far as I'm concerned, somewhere on a par with bungee jumping.  I mean, the little magazine in the hotel that tells you what to do has a list of safety tips for the subway that include:  wear your necklace inside your shirt; carry your packages in front of you; carry your wallet in your front pocket; if someone jostles you, check your pockets as they've probably been picked; never ride in an empty car; and so forth.  I was very nearly expecting one that said, "take your life into your own hands."  Although, really, it wasn't all that creepy at all.  (Smelly, yes.  Creepy, no.)  And I even got to roll my eyes and smile condescendingly at the tourists who were taking their pictures riding the subway.

I also went to the theatre (on a total lark) and saw "I Am My Own Wife" -- a play I knew absolutely nothing about going in.  It ended up winning two Tony awards that night (Best Actor and Best Play), so I think I had some pretty good luck in that regard.  And it's kinda cool seeing a show a few hours before it wins all sorts of awards.

Travelling home yesterday, it seemed like forces were aligning against me.  When I checked out of the hotel, I realized I didn't quite have enough cash for a taxi, and didn't want to have to run to an ATM while shlepping my suitcase, so ended up negotiating a flat-rate deal (via the hotel doorman) with a Town Car driver who didn't have much business.  Took an uneventful flight home.  Redeemed my car from the parking lot.  Drove home.

Actually, I drove several cities too far south.  I had my mom on the cell phone (hands-free, of course) and was chatting with her, and sorta missed my exit.  I took the nearest available freeway to my destination, but ended up with an unexpected rush hour tour of a few cities I had no need to see.

Got home to discover I couldn't get in my garage because the City was tearing up the street again.  Parked a half block away and walked back.

Got home.  (Finally.)

Opened the door to my unit and Jasmine peeked out to see who it was.  When she saw it was me, she meowed with joy and ran to me (something she's never done before).  I was so happy she was so happy, I dumped everything I was carrying and scooped her up in my arms.  Spent most of last night picking her up and hugging her for no reason at all.  By this morning, I think she was tired of it, but I get me my kitten love whenever I can.


annalisa135 said...

YAY!!!!  You're home!!!  Missed you, chick!  Glad you had such a wonderful trip.  Next time you come to New York you should let me know!  I'll drive up and meet you, we can do a show together.  That would be awesome!  What a way to come home and not be able to pull in your own garage!  Pain in the butt!

Big hug and kisses to Jasmine!  the sweetheart.  I know she missed you terribly!  Make sure you sneak a hug in for me, too.

All done with the remodeling?  crown molding firmly in place?  does it match up to the shutter like you hoped?  laundry room door back on it's hinge?  time for an update, chick!

Welcome home!!!!  So very good to have you back!  

pegluh said...

They're always tearing up your street. What's up with that? You have all the utility lines running underneath that intersection or something?  It's very perplexing.  Glad to know that you had a safe blast in NYC.  I even watched a little of the Tonys to see if they would catch your arm or something.  Boy, they were really trying to glam up the affair, weren't they?