Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

I had to laugh when I saw that "Saturday Six" question that asked how many nearly-empty bottles of shampoo you have.

Um, a lot?

I generally save them when there's about a quarter inch of product left in the bottle (enough for what?  maybe one or two shampoos) and then use them to fill up travel shampoo and conditioner bottles.

The problem is:  I keep changing products.  I used the use the Neutrogena Clean line (yellow).  Then I started alternating with the Neurtrogena Moisturizing line (pink).  And it would always be that whenever I'd be all set to top off my travel bottle of conditioner, I'd have a travel bottle half full of pink and three full-size bottles of yellow with a quarter-inch left in each one.

THEN, I got my hair highlighted, so ran right out and bought Neutrogena for Colored hair (blue).

Before I finished those bottles, I was introduced to a line of products especially for curly hair (Ouidad), so I bought them.  And I've used two different shampoos from Ouidad and, of course, kept the leftovers.

Leaving me with a final under-the-sink tally of the dregs of:

5 Neutrogena yellow shampoos
2 Neutrogena pink shampoos
1 Neutrogena blue shampoo
1 Neutrogena blue conditioner
6 Neutrogena pink conditioners
2 Ouidad shampoos
2 Ouidad conditioners
and an old bottle of Head & Shoulders

Help me.


sunshine38585 said...

Sounds like my house. Here is what is under my sink and in my shower:
Pantene Pro-V smooth and sleek conditioner
1 and a half bottles of smooth and sleek shampoo
Herbal Essense Shampoo
Sauve Professionals Aplifying Shampoo
Aussie Shampoo for normal hair
Head and Shoulders
I like to switch shampoos a lot but always stick to the same conditioner. Doesn't make much since does it? lol

annalisa135 said...

yep, definitely a problem.  i guess slowly you'll work through it, but let's hope in the meantime that list doesn't keep growing.   i also love Neutrogena products.  Although currently I'm using Pantene Sleek.  During the summer months in particular (although all year to some degree) my hair gets some serious frizzies.  Sleek works somewhat, but not completely.  (sad face)  I've tried all those "anti frizzy" things, some are a little helpful, but for the most part, i'm doomed.