Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Crown Molding

Yeah, OK, I promised I wouldn't give you the details of the crown molding fiasco while the people responsible are still trying to fix it.  And I have been promised the visit of a supervisor sometime this week.

They're having a little trouble with scheduling, because they need me, the supervisor, and the handyman all ready to be in my bedroom at the same time.  I suggested that it really wasn't necessary for the handyman to be there.  The manager responded he was absolutely necessary, as the supervisor would then have to direct him on the steps he has to take to do the job. 

I suggested that this wasn't necessary as all that we really needed was for the supervisor to look at my wall  -- he'd know the handyman is in way over his head, and could then send me someone who can actually do the job.  I mean, he didn't just overlook a step -- this guy doesn't know the first thing about hanging crown molding. 

And I say that meaning no disrespect to the guy.  He's a nice guy and a hard worker who is trying really hard to do the job -- and he ultimately figured out that he didn't have the right tools (which is clearly a step in the right direction).  He just doesn't know how to hang crown molding -- and, what's slightly dangerous -- he doesn't know that he doesn't know it.

In preparation for the arrival of the supervisor, I made up a short list of everything wrong with the molding currently on my wall.  I then ran a quick google search on "crown molding installation" and -- although the results were written at a higher level of carpentry than I could understand -- I did pick up even more ammo for the meeting with the supervisor.  Apparently, there's rather more to it than "measure twice; cut once."

I gotta link you to this page, which, if anything, is the answer to kids who ask why they need to study trigonometry if they're just gonna work with their hands.  Dudes, I was a math major and my eyes are glazing over at this.

... well, when my eyelid isn't twitching, anyway.


sunshine38585 said...

Hope everything works out with the crown molding. Good luck. I will check that link out now.

annalisa135 said...

OMG!  I just came from that link, and I had no idea carpenters were THAT intelligent!  they can really understand all that mumbo jumbo?  holy crapola!  

have i mentioned lately that i think the crown molding is a BAD idea?  

i think i may have mentioned that since way way back in the day when "planning" was going on.  

uh huh.

well, in the long long long run, I'm SURE it'll be beautiful.

In the meanwhile, you really got to do something about that twitching eyelid . . . you're freaking me out, chick!!!   giggling

I LOVE YOU!  Even though you don't listen well.  (smiling)