Thursday, June 3, 2004

Weekend Homework: This book -- it's so you.

Man.  Thought I'd just whip off a quick little entry for this week's homework assignment, and then Scalzi comes up with this doozy:

Name the book that you feel would best describe you to a total stranger.


I am not a book.  I am a collection.  Get your library card handy, and check these puppies out.  I am somewhere at the intersection of:

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (for intellectual curiosity); Les Miserables (for that ethical streak -- and the bonus that it's been made into a musical); Green Eggs and Ham (for an ultimate willingness to try new things and admit I've been wrong); Elementary Linear Algebra (for its elegant numberness); Cats for Dummies (because I'm not ashamed to be told which end to feed); and the Victoria's Secret catalog.

If forced to pick a single book, I'd have to say:  Douglas Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- because all the rest do nothing to describe me unless tempered with a huge dose of smart-assery.

Extra Credit: List a book that someone swore would be a book you would love -- and you didn't.

Again, I answer with more than a book -- I can give you a whole genre.  Friends thought my technoweenieness and my love for science fiction would make me a sure bet for cyberpunk.  But I've tried at least three (alleged) classics of the field, and they do nothing for me.  Go figure.


janothy said...

This weekend assignment sounds like fun!!  i think I am going to have to do it.

I just love to read.  Never thought about one that would describe me, though.


sunshine38585 said...

Man I am like  you there is no way I could pick just one book!! Have a great weekend.