Monday, June 14, 2004

(Provisional) Happy Dance!

The crown molding is up!  The crown molding is up!

Now we do the dance of joy.

Actually, it is simply the provisional dance of joy (or the dance of provisional joy?) because, although the molding is up, the job is not yet done.  But we're definitely in the home stretch.  Wednesday night, the workman is coming back to:  patch the little nail holes, repaint the molding, touch up all the chips in my walls, and generally clean up. 

And THEN (and only then) will I be in a position to offer the long-awaited "after" pictures.

But I am still extremely happy that the molding is up and (in a very general sense) looking quite spiffy.





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annalisa135 said...

YAY!!!!!!  I wish I could post snoopy dancing right here, but AOL is not that advanced yet, sad to say.  So since it is Thursday, I'm thinking "it really is all done"??  right??  big smile!  after ALL that!  I'm sure it looks wonderful, I'm trying to imagine it, but I'll just have to wait for the pictures.