Monday, July 12, 2004

A billion things to blog

Wow.  There's just so freakin' much I wanted to comment on today. 

The first thing I want to blog about is Alerts.  And, more precisely, how alerts affect my own personally blogging.

I mean, take right now.  I have lots of things I wish to write about it -- all of which deserve separate little topic specific entries -- but I am concerned about the overwhelming mass of emails that would descend on the inboxes of those few people (and I cherish you all) who number themselves among my regular readers enough to actually have me on their Alerts. 

So, my apologies in advance for all those "A New Entry Has Been Added to the Journal" emails.

Isn't it funny how Alerts change the way we 'blog?  One negative effect of Alerts is that I've stopped editing entries to fix typographical errors.  I'd rather leave in an error than spam my readers with multiple emails announcing the same entry.

It's funny -- in court, when a judge modifies an opinion, they get to write a line about whether the modification is a substantive alteration of the opinion -- or if it doesn't really change things.  I wish we had a feature like that somewhere on the "Edit Entry" screen.  A "these changes don't really matter much -- don't send out an Alert" button.

Yes, I know.  In my dreams.

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janothy said...

great idea!!!  Maybe you should hit AOL up about it!