Friday, July 30, 2004

This Week's Homework: The Kitten Talks

This week, John Scalzi lays the following on us:

Through some unexplained miracle, your pet or pets gain the mental capacity for speech for exactly the length of a single sentence. What do you think that sentence would be and why?

Extra Credit: You get one question to ask your pet that (presumably) it would answer. What's the question?

The subject here would be Jasmine:

And I believe she's saying:  "The sum of the squares of the legs of a right triangle are equal to the square of the ... what? huh? oh.... 'meow.'"

For extra credit, I would ask her "What happened to your leg?"  I got Jasmine (from a box outside of the grocery store) when she was eight weeks old.  And she had a limp.  The woman giving away the kitties said that "one of the other cats must have jumped on her."  She added that the leg probably wasn't broken since Jasmine was putting weight on it, albeit very tentatively.

So, first thing I do is take Jasmine to the vet.  (OK, second thing.  First thing is buy a litter box and make sure she uses it.)  And the vet took an x-ray.  After the vet read the film, she came back into the examining room and asked me, "Where'd you say you got this cat again?"  Not only was her leg broken, but the x-ray showed evidence of a previous healed fracture.

I've had Jasmine with me for over a year, and I'm proud to say she hasn't suffered any broken bones while in my care.  But I think it's darned suspicious that she had broken the bone (in the same leg) twice in eight weeks.  I'd like to ask her what happened -- so I'll know whether or not to think nasty thoughts about the people who gave her to me.


annalisa135 said...

You've told me before about her broken leg, and I am still convinced they must've hurt her.  I just can't even comprehend that!  Thank goodness you choose her and love her as much as you do.  You've been a total blessing to her life.  (((((NZ)))))  

fisherkristina said...

That is the funnest picture of Jasmine.  It looks like she is checking out the Internet, lol!  I can't believe how those people were cruel to her. -Krissy  

echoooo1 said...

Black and white kitties are so pretty. She is curious. Does she ever help you type?   Janet

nzforme said...

Hi Janet!  Thanks.  She used to "help me type" when she was a little kitten.  Now that she's used to the sound of the keys, she doesn't help as much.