Monday, July 26, 2004

Saturday Six on Monday

This week's Saturday Six, courtesy Patrick's Place:

1. If you had to live without one of your five senses, which one would you most be willing to live without?

Smell, no contest.  Taste after that.  It gets a little dodgy thereafter.

2. You see a fly, a spider, a roach and a moth flying, scurrying or skulking around at once in your living room.  Which one do you go after first?

It's between the spider and the roach.  The fly doesn't ook me out, and I'll take care of the moth later by closing off the room and leaving a light on.

3. How many pets have you had so far during your lifetime?

Jasmine (kitty!) is my first four-legged pet.  I had some fish when I was a kid.

4. I recently watched a cult favorite movie, "The Breakfast Club," and it prompted this question:  Which of the five character types do you personally most identify with:  the princess (or prince), the jock, the nerd, the criminal or the basket case?

In school, I was definitely the nerd.  I'm still the nerd, although there's probably a dash of Princess in there.  Not that I can do that thing with lipstick, though.

5. Would you like to have more siblings, less siblings, or would you not change how many you have?

I have sufficient siblings -- that'd be the one, my sister.  Can't imagine more; wouldn't want less.

BarbaraMck:  If you could choose any vehicle (road warrior) as your sole source of transportation, what would it be? (Year, Make, Why)?

I've never beenparticularly into cars, so it's hard to say.  What I do know is that my ideal vehicle would have every possible bell and whistle you could put in a car -- sun/moon roof, GPS, integrated cell phone, a place to plug in my iPod ... and of course all that good stuff like ABS and traction control and all sorts of airbags.

Right now, I've got so many cords fighting for space in the passenger seat, I barely have room for a passenger.


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tammyg22 said...

>>You see a fly, a spider, a roach and a moth flying, scurrying or skulking around at once in your living room.  Which one do you go after first?<<

No contest.  I don't go after any of them.  I make the hubby deal with the spider and roach while I cower and cringe.