Sunday, July 11, 2004

Homework: Food Haiku

This week, Scalzi asks:

Weekend Assignment  #14: Write a haiku about your most cherished snack food or carbonated beverage.


Raspberries mixed in
A dish of sweet cream ice cream
On a summer day

Jasmine also wanted to get in on the fun, so she adds:

Love me my Pounce treats
Carribean Catch flavor
They're the cat's meow

(OK, Jasmine didn't get a reference to nature or the seasons in there, but I still think she did pretty good.  What with having a brain the size of a walnut and all.)


annalisa135 said...

Big hugs to the kittie!!  I clicked on her pic again and immediately sounds of "AWWWW she's so beautiful" filled the air......

janothy said...

Both of these are great!!!   -jan

sabbysongs said...

I love your Haikus, especially Jazmine's! And her pic too, she looks very much like my silly cat. Inspires me to add a Haiku to mine, from her, thanks!