Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Saturday Six -- on Saturday!

Yes, I know.  Amazing for me to get to this on Saturday.  But the rest of the weekend is filling up.  And since Patrick used my question and all, I think it would be only right to answer it in a timely manner.

So... this week's Saturday Six:

1. Which do you most enjoy receiving from someone you know:  a telephone call, an E-mail, a handwritten letter, or a comment in your journal?

I like 'em all, of course.  Although in a weird way, I prefer email as a form of communication.  This because it happens at a convenient time for everyone.  I write it when I want to write it; read it when I want to read it.  And it can be instantaneous if both parties want to communicate right quick.

2. You are invited to a nude beach.  You do not know any of the people who will be there, and it is certain that you will never see any of them ever again.  No one you know will find out you had gone unless you tell them.  Would you go?

Yes.  Although, come to think of it, I was in a similar situation with respect to singing karaoke, and I couldn't crank up enough nerve to do it -- so it might end up the same way with the nude beach.

3. Not counting work uniforms, what color do you wear most often?

Denim blue.  After that, probably black.  Not that I'm being all depressed or trendy or gothic or anything -- just that I don't have much sense for matching clothes, so I wear a colored shirt with black pants and can be certain they'll go together.

4. What was the last movie you watched that you thought couldn't end soon enough?

"American Pie."  I gave up about halfway through.

5. What is the farthest you've ever called someone long distance?

Australia.  I bought an hour of "phone calls to Australia" from Priceline to do it, and it was pretty cheap.  Wonder if they still do that.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #14 from From NZforME:  "If you were to get a personalized/vanity license plate, what would it say?"

I wouldn't have asked this if I didn't have an answer in mind...

Remember the Arsenio Hall show?  There was one night when a really famous basketball player (I forget who -- but let's just say Magic Johnson) was supposed to be on, and he cancelled out, so Arsenio got Marlee Matlin as a fill-in guest.  Marlee comes out and starts throwing candy at the audience.  Arsenio asks why, and she says, "They were expecting Magic Johnson and instead got this short, white, deaf, Jewish b*tch."

Next time Marlee is on the show, they show the clip again -- and then show a shot of Marlee's car, and focus on the license plate, which reads:  SWDJB

I thought this was great and wanted a variant of it.  (I mean, what with not being deaf and all.)  So, if I were to get a vanity plate, it would read:  SWJLB.  For "short, white, Jewish lawyer b*tch."


merelyp said...

Had to come here!  what a great question!  Congrats for being picked!  I haven't "composed" my Saturday Six yet, or I'd leave a link, SWJLB.

short, white, non-believing, drama queen bitch


annalisa135 said...

check your email, chick.  I sent you something.  (smiles)