Monday, July 12, 2004

The Torch! The Celebration! The Community!

Looky!  A flaming torch!

The AOL-J community is getting all celebratory with torches and parades and peer-voted awards and virtual celebrations and possibly all-night blogfests and ... seriously, my eyes start to glaze just scanning it all

I've been a little hesitant to join in on the fun because I'm one of those folks who has a limited time to devote to Journalling -- so I tend to devote my limited journalling time to updating my journal and reading other journals to which I've become addicted.  This limits my ability to write up cool graphics, join AOL-J groups, read as many other journals as I'd like, and generally feel all warm and fuzzy and community-esque.

And then I thought -- hey, us limited-time Journallers are just as valid a part of the AOL-J community as everyone else.  So, I've posted the celebratory torch here -- to sort of take a brief moment to smile and sing "Kumbaya" with everyone -- before getting back to the business of writing entries.


journalsrock said...

ABSOLUTELY!  Wonderfully said.  And this celebration is about all of us who journal, whether we add 10 entries a day or one entry a month.  This is about our community, the journals we write and the journals we read.

Thanks for joining in.  We hope to see a lot of you throughout the festivities.

~~ jennifer

annalisa135 said...

Kumbaya!  Wow, I haven't thought of that song in ages!!!

I agree with you.  I am not a joiner when it comes to these kinds of things, but honestly a little of the enthusiasm from other J-landers is really rubbing off on me.  

I've been having fun planting flowers and voting for my favorite journals (as you know on both counts).  I've been considering the torch and the flag thing that's being talked about.  I agreed to be in AOL First Year Hall of Fame Journal.  

But making a float just isn't appealing to me.  I remember making the actual ones in high school for the homecoming event, now THAT was fun!!!  But a virtual one?  uh no, just doesn't feel the same at all.  

:::deep sigh::: I guess I'm being a bit of a joiner too.  This is the only time AOL Journals will have a 1st yr celebration.