Monday, June 4, 2007


I am slowly losing everything I brought with me on this trip.

You'll recall that I left the camera cable (to download photos) at home.

I then left the camera battery charger, its cable, the cable to charge my MP3 player, and my cell phone charger on the ship. They found them, but not until after the ship had sailed with the next bunch of tourists. They promised to mail them to me once they landed in Ketchikan. I hope they do. It would be a very nice thing if I had those cables back.

I chipped a nail on the trip, so my mom loaned me an emery board. Said I could keep it for the trip. I lost it in Juneau.

Not sure whether it was in Anchorage or Denali, but I can't find one of the TSA locks for my baggage.

I'm glad I'm going home tomoorow -- I don't think I can take any more losses.

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