Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Flightseeing in Alaska Pics

But first, Patchcat asks, of the picture wearing my friend's dress, "was that a stripper pole I saw?"

Sorry, no.  That was just the edge of my mirrored closet door you were seeing.  (You can see a bit of the other edge of the door on the edge of the picture.)  My parent read my journal.  I have to hide the stripper pole.

Onward to the photos.  As you may recall, mom and I went "flightseeing" in Denali.  (The highlights of said journal entry are:  we were supposed to fly around the summit of Denali but weather came in and prevented that; I very nearly got air sick; and I took a zillion photos.)

OK, here's mom, before take-off, when they had us practice with the oxygen masks.  Now, mom always, um, ... how to put this?  Mom and hats don't mix.  I'm not saying anything here that will hurt her feelings -- she already knows she's not the sort of person who goes well with hats.  In fact, on occasion, if I'm feeling a little down in the dumps, she will try on hats for my amusement.  So, y'know, big plane headset and oxygen mask are something that I had to document:

Unfortunately, I think she has a similar picture of me in her camera.  Fortunately, mom doesn't journal.  :)

Now, like I said, I took a lot of photos of the Alaska Range.  At the time, I thought one particular mountain looked suspiciously like chocolate cake with a light dusting of powdered sugar.  Looking back on the photos, quite a few of them look dessert-like.  Seriously, doesn't this look like fudgey frosting to you?

I think this one was the original "mountain that looks like chocolate cake" photo:

And then there's some mountains that look like mountains. 

Or chocolate.  Maybe I should go eat dessert if I think all these mountains look like food.



grodygeek said...

Nope. I don't buy it.

That is a stripper practice pole. Now we know how you really lost the weight. And why you are so busy going to "theatres". Sure you are.


By the way, what's your stage name so I could meet you when you hit my town?

And tell the folks to that you are old enough to be anything you want; including the first court lawyer stripper in the history of the planet. Besides. Like everything else, you'll be great at it.

loveladylisa1 said...

I HAD to go back and look at that other entry, hmmm.... Yep looks like a stripper pole. j/k

OMG, now why did you have to say the mountains look like chocolate cake with powdered sugar?... now I'm hungry, and I'm trying to LOSE wt!