Saturday, June 23, 2007

Does this dress make me look ... ?

... short?

See, one of my cousins is getting married in a coupla weeks.  And the wedding is Black Tie Optional, which translates into "dress nice, ya bozo."  And, y'know, after I've (e-hem) lost all this weight, my old dresses are too big.  And I've tossed my really old dresses that might have had a chance of fitting.

So I've been looking for a new dress.  It isn't easy.  I've found lots of dresses that are too young (stupid prom season), lots of dresses that are too expensive, and a few dresses that make me look too desperate (honestly, some of these things are so low cut they should be labelled "prostitutes only").  A friend of mine let me raid her closet, and we came up with the following, which pretty much fits the bill -- what with being nice, pretty, free, and not carrying much risk I'd be mistaken for a High School Senior or a hooker.  The only problem is that it isn't a "petite" dress while I am, y'know, short.  If I'd bought it for myself, I'd probably have it taken up a few inches, but what with it being a loaner, that's not an option.

So.  "Good enough" or "keep looking"?

(Pay no attention to the adorable feline trying to upstage me.)

And, yes, I'm already wearing heels.  (About two inches, although they're sinking into the carpet a bit.)  And, no, I won't wear anything higher.  I don't want to be back in the damn aircast again.


hewasolddog299 said...

Keep looking, I think you can do better and find one that doesn't make you look like you're a 10-year old playing dress-up. It's close, but it misses the mark. As far as décolletage, you need to flaunt what you got, my friend. I am NOT suggesting you need to imitate the whores on Hollywood Boulevard, either.

If I was dressing you, I'd shoot for something that could do double duty as your basic, black, go-to cocktail dress for all (fancy) occasions. Enough cleavage to make the men take notice without threatening their wives. Short enough to let all and sundry know you like your legs (even if you don't) and slimming lines so that YOU feel pretty in it, without feeling either too sexy or too doughty. The one you are wearing doesn't meet those marks, now does it? Add some demure, opaque stockings or pantyhose for the wedding with shoes short enough to spend eight hours in and you're good to go dancing, doll.

loveladylisa1 said...

Do you have the option for the borrowed dress to temporarily alter it. I noticed the belt, which reminded me of altering my daughter's dress. One of my daughters had a dress that was just a bit longer than tea length and for some reason we all thought it would look better if it were about 2 inches or so shorter. There was a belt on the dress in the same place (a bit lower than empire-waisted, yet higher than the waist. So we tucked the dress up about 1 inch (so one inch stuffed up and one inch coming back down out of the belt area shortened it by 2 inches). I did a very loose wide galloping stitch which held it in place for the day, and it just looked like any other tea length dress. Llater I just snipped the thread and pulled the thread all the way out and viola` the dress was back to normal. She then gave it to her taller sister, lol.  

Anyway, you look great in the dress just as it is but I thought I'd share an easy quick-fix to temporarily shorten a dress.