Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lost in Translation

We take a short break from the photo entries for the following.

I like to think of myself as reasonable proficient in English English (as contrasted with the American language).  I mean, I've been to England quite a bit; I've seen (and safely followed) many British films, television shows, and plays.  So I reckon I can generally understand what our English friends mean when they say something.

Yesterday, while poking around Amazon lookin' for DVDs of some British TV shows (er, "programmes") that I like, I saw a phrase that made me very unhappy:  Series Finale.

Series Finale?!  They've cancelled it??!!  I'd thought the ratings were pretty good.  Damn it.  Damn it.  Damn it.  Damn it.

Further research today reveals that the British use "Series Finale" where we'd use "Season Finale."  Thus, the BBC website will speak of the "Series Finale" episode on the same page that it says they've committed to another season of the programme.

Oh.  Good.  Don't scare me like that.

(I think they just enjoy messing with the Americans.)

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hewasolddog299 said...

And the series was named?

Sorry, I didn't see you mention it above. Then again, I'm blind as a bat and stone deaf. My loss.