Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dog Sled Photos!

OK, Wil asks what I'd do differently if I did the trip again and stuff like that.  I've been thinking a lot about it, and, although I'm very glad I took this cruise and went through the Inside Passage and saw Glacier Bay and all that other stuff -- if I was to do it again, I'd just fly to Juneau.  Because we did really cool stuff in Juneau.  And most of the really cool things we did in other cities could also be done in Juneau.  (Frinstance, we kayaked in Sitka.  We didn't really see anything of Sitka beyond the little lighthouse behind us in the picture.  Might as well kayak in Juneau.)  And Juneau has some awesome scenery going for it in the Juneau Ice Field.

Which brings us to the dog sledding.

OK, first, they pile you in a helicopter and fly you out over some glaciers.

Look at that.  Seriously.  I'm not knocking sailing around in Glacier Bay, but flying over the Juneau Ice Field is pretty jaw-droppingly impressive.

OK, so then they fly you up to the dog sled camp.

Each dog has its own little hut.  Also, this shot shows the dual-type dog sleds we were using.  It's basically one dog sled attached to another dog sled attached to a bunch of dogs.

When we started off, I was sitting in the front of the first sled.  You know what they say about the view never changing if you're not the lead dog?  It's sorta true if you're sitting in the front sled, too.

I kid. 

My folks were right behind me.  (Photo taken looking back from the front sled.)

And there were other sleds out there with us too.

But what was so amazing was that you could look off to one side and see all the untouched snow around you, and it really felt like you were alone exploring the top of the world with nobody else but your dogs.

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