Friday, June 22, 2007

Does anyone know ... ?

Can you Scotchgard a down comforter?

(Just asking.  No reason at all.  Na-ah.  Nothing to see here.)




grodygeek said...

Dang cats anyway.

You sure should be able to Scotchgard the comforter. Note they don't sell the good stuff anymore. Its showing up in the water supply around the 3M plant in St. Paul, MN. Sniff, sniff. Better life through chemistry.

hewasolddog299 said...

Yeah, you can. Probably going to have to order the real stuff from a wholesaler. Time for a little white lie -- you need some for a case for the (insert jurisdictional info here).

Apply with adequate, make that copious, ventilation and allow to throughly dry before sleeping or allowing the little princessca to barf on it again. Gee, you might even give serious consideration to a Hypalon treated comforter cover.

Of course, one could always find a new home for neurotic cat, too. After all, she probably won't tolerate the move very well, either. Who knows what she'll do in retaliation?

(Shut my mouth. I didn't say that -- not really.)