Monday, June 11, 2007

Zip Lining Photos!

Finally.  I uploaded my Alaska pics.

We start with a series of Dad Zip-lining.  (Accompanying story here.)

The pics themselves are, y'know, fairly self-explanatory:

I was there, too, only the only picture of me without the zip-lady's hand totally blocking me is this one.  Note the brilliant zip-lining form.  Left hand steering the equipment, right hand poised to brake.  Head (at least, by NOW) not grinding against the zip line.

Next up -- I supply something few people include in their vacation photos.  A picture of a traffic jam.  But not any old traffic jam.  A traffic jam caused by an unfortunate incident with explosives.

Not a total loss, though.  That road ran along the coast.  Here's the view to the left:

And finally, we look ahead to photos from later in the trip.  Today was my first look at them, to see what I managed to get on the trip, photography-wise.  Here's one I'm incredibly proud of.  Mostly because nobody else took the same shot.  We were in Glacier Bay and everyone was standing around the bow of the boat, taking pictures of whatever was straight ahead.  (I can't remember what.  Glacier.  Waterfall.  Critter.  Anyway, everyone was snapping it.)  Photographically speaking, I preferred the view off to port:

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