Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nope, house not on fire

As a resident of Southern California, I should probably mention that my house is not, in fact, on fire.  The mountains near my home are apparently one of the few mountain ranges in Southern California not currently aflame, for which I am grateful.

I've a friend who was evacuated, though -- my closest involvement to things.  She said that before she left, she looked up and it looked like there was a volcano in front of her -- a sight she very much hopes not to see again.  She actually hit the road a good 20 minutes before the officials got out there with bullhorns and told everyone to get out.  She's back home now -- her fire being one of the ones they've apparently got under control.

I'm a bit worried about the others, though.  I heard on the radio that they've evacuated the town of Lake Arrowhead (where my sister got married) and all the surrounding towns.  Hundreds of houses destroyed, thousands more at risk -- and they don't seem to have the resources to fight this fire.  The guy on the news this evening was saying they've got a line of firefighters protecting the main street, but they can't protect any of the side streets 'cause they don't have the water.  This is not good.

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