Thursday, October 4, 2007

Only Funny if You Watched "Pushing Daisies"

So, I went over Couple's place for dinner and "Pushing Daisies."  I was about five minutes late -- all things considered, it's a wonder it was only five minutes.  (First, the road between me and the freeway was blocked when I left work; second, there was a tanker truck filling up the gas station when I stopped for gas; third, when I stopped at the grocery store to pick up dessert, the stupid parking ticket machine did not read my validation and I had to back up and go to the guy in the little booth, wasting further valuable time.)

Anyway, I missed the first five minutes of the show.  Wife and Law Student filled me in, but I'd had the good sense to DVR it, so I thought I'd check the recording when I got home.

And when I watched it, I took note of the names in the credits.  I said things like, "Hey!  That was Swoosie Kurtz!"  And I noticed Jim Dale's name in the credits.  And I thought, "Who did he play?"  And I watched the first five minutes, and I didn't see him in that bit.  And I watched about a half hour of the show again -- mostly to catch some of the lines I'd missed ('cause we had been talking when we'd watched it), but also because I was still trying to spot Jim Dale in that thing.  I mean, he's a 70ish white guy, and I didn't see any 70ish white guys in there at all.  But he was undeniably in the opening credits.

It wasn't until about, oh, two-thirds of the way through the episode, when I started asking myself, "What has he done lately, anyhow?" -- that I realized his part on the show.  Man, I'm slow.

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