Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh my.

Remember this?  The $768 charge to QVC that I so did not make?

Just received in the mail, a card from QVC, thanking me for shipping with them and including my new membership number.  Also suggested I use my "registered e-mail address" next time I shop with them.

Translation:  The scumbag who stole my card number also knows my full name and address.

I called QVC to make sure the account was closed (and to also see if they had said scumbag's name and address for shipping purposes).  This required calling customer service.  I called customer service from my home phone.  Customer service rep immediately says, "Is this [my full name here]?" 

How did you know that?

"That's just what popped up on my screen."

This, too, is troubling.  I have call blocking, so QVC's called-ID should not be picking up my name.  Did the scumbag, I wonder, have my home phone number as well?

(If so, that would be extremely disconcerting, as the stolen card was my internet-only credit card, and I do not use my home phone number in internet transactions.)

I confirm that QVC does, in fact, have the scumbag's name and address (as the "shipping address" for the fraudulent purchases).  They won't give it to me, but if the police investigate, they'll happily fax it to them.

I wonder whether it's even worth calling my local police department to file a report.  My credit card company seems to be on the case -- they even took the charge off my bill before I even saw it.  I called them up to make sure they were going to "nail this guy to the wall."  They confirmed that they would. 

One last thing to check -- last April, TurboTax came with a free credit report monitoring service from Experian.  I signed up.  Logged in today to see if there was any unusual activity -- requests to open new cards, that sort of thing.  They said no, which means either that the idiot who has my name, address, and old card number hasn't got my social security number ... or that the free credit monitoring service blows.

Come to think of it, I think I'd better put a possible alert on my account with all three credit bureaus.

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helmswondermom said...

That would probably be a good idea.