Thursday, October 25, 2007


Thank you all for thinking I look like Mary Poppins -- as that was, indeed, the goal.

(Although, when I first put it on, I was afraid it looked more Eliza Doolittle.)

So, I'm feeling a bit relieved that it's identifiable in the absence of the two key props -- as I'm still not sure how well I'm going to do in terms of getting them.  Said props would be:  the parrot-handled umbrella and the carpetbag.

The parrot umbrella is the item that actually exists, but ships in two to four weeks.  (Thanks, Disney Store.)  And then I looked in my closet, and discovered that my own personal umbrella stash does not include a normal, straightforward, hook-on-the-top doorman-type-umbrella.  I've only got foldy ones.  So, other than dropping by Target and hoping for a cheap, old school black umbrella, prop number one is out.

Carpetbags are, at least, buyable -- but they're like $100 each, so to heck with that.  A coworker offered to loan me hers, which is awful sweet of her, but it's her actual purse.  I'm a little concerned about taking someone's use-every-day purse to a Halloween party where it could get stepped on, or beer-coated, or subject to some other disaster. 

And, frankly, after all the time and money I put into the hat, I'm running out of steam on this particular Halloween costume.

So, I'm pleased that the costume is identifiable even if I don't manage to get any of my props.  Thanks!


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hewasolddog299 said...

Actually, I think you need a parasol, rather than an umbrella. Wide ribbon that goes completely over the hat and ties under the chin.  Otherwise ... perfect.